Leaders are Readers. This holds true for WorkshopLeaders, too. We need to build our technical and intellectual fundament as well as keep up to date with developments. Consequently, we suggest here books, articles, as well as films for self-improvement as facilitator, moderator, trainer, and alike.

We are also happy to listen to your suggestions, opinions, and recommendations. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch either by commenting Reading & Watching or by the contact form.


Numerous books in print as well as digital are out in the market, ready to be devoured. Manuals, guidelines, specific methods, energizers, and so on. We want to extend our skills and knowledge through some reading & watching & listening.

Listening as good alternative to Reading & Watching

Audiobooks & Podcasts

To digest book titles by listening has some advantages and allows us to increase the amount of material. Accordingly, we will critique also some audiobooks in here. Furthermore, there are some specific podcast, which are worth to be followed.


Though there aren’t that many films on specifically workshop leadership, moderation or training, still the existing ones are worth keeping an eye on them. So, let’s discover what has been released.