Required for marketing, documentation, or for the (digital) workshop itself photos & films play an ever growing role in the life of TheWorkshopLeader. As apprenticeship-trained photographer according to the German dual education system, freelance journalist, PR- and PsyOps specialist and nowadays as host of digital workshops I could gather quite some experience in this area. What equipment I use for my personal work, you will find in My toolbox. However, that must not be necessarily the right choice for you. In here, we discuss different products and their use.

The overall underlying theme is the use for workshops, trainings, and conferences. Other websites might be more specialized in other areas such as action, art, landscape, and so on.

You can also ask questions directly for further discussion for the benefit of more people.


Be it for marketing, photo protocol, or as tool for certain exercises, light, lenses, and camera bodies are treated in here.

Photos & Films are increasingly important
Increasingly important: Photos & Films of workshops. And nowadays they become the workshop itself.


The same applies for moving image. Their importance is increasing even stronger. On top of the before mentioned reasons we need footages for tutorials, online courses, and digital workshops. So, we will need to speak about them a lot.


Photography is a greek composition meaning “writing with light”. The right light is essential for still photos and footages alike. Consequently, we will examine different solutions for your specific needs.

Digital Workshops

Though we have mainly the same requirements for cameras, light, and lenses digital workshops nonetheless demand often special equipment. This we will examine in here and give you more insights what and how we can use it.

Other equipment

such as tripods, adapters, holders, etc. These often little play a big supporting role for photos & films. Mostly we can’t do without them. You might notice that with sometimes a small piece nothing goes. Accordingly, they should escape our attention.