In this section we talk about all kinds of resources for online and offline workshops, seminars and conferences. It is divided into subchapters, which you can browse by the menu, by the headings below, or by the search bar – as it pleases you.

All the articles mentioned I have tested myself. Thus, these write-ups reflect my personal experience and opinion. Most of the things are affiliate links, where I might get a small bonus in cas you purchase it. This doesn’t change your price, but means a little compensation for my efforts I put together in here for you. Nevertheless, I do not bend my conviction because of a small obolus.

TWL Resources

The Resources of have been developed based on more than 25 years of workshop, training, and conference experience.

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Reading & Watching

The Reading & Watching section suggests books and audiobooks, films and footages for successful online and offline events.

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Writing & Painting

The Writing & Painting section deals will all kinds of supporting tools, which makes workshop life more effective like markers, papers, etc.

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Boards & Flipcharts

Boards and flipcharts, but also projectors, bags, chairs and all the little helpers you need for a successful event.

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Photos & Films

The importance of Photos & Films is increasing. We need them not only for marketing, documentation etc. but for the workshops themselves.

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Digital Workshops & Online Courses

In Digital Workshops & Online Courses it's not about content, but the tools like learning platforms, conferencing software, plugins etc.

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